Photographies and liberty

Welcome on where you can discover my photographies published under creative common licence. Most of them uses CC-BY-NC-SA licence, and there's already some that uses CC-BY-SA one.
  • Last photographies 50 photos Found here the 50 last photos uploaded on Last photographies
  • Exhibitions 46 photos in 3 sub-albums An eye back on my past exhibitions Exhibitions
  • Seeking for exploration 613 photos in 28 sub-albums You find here my photographies took in abandoned places (my Urbex galleries). Seeking for exploration
  • Journeys 193 photos in 22 sub-albums Photography could bring to you many things from all around the world or just around the corner...
    Here you found photographies organised by geographical origins (you can use map view to for this)
    Sometimes, regroup some photos about a place, a country, or a specific journey I made somewhere.
    So... Welcome to somewhere else !
  • Thématiques 783 photos in 4 sub-albums Found here photos from others galeries, but selected by some chosen theme/tag Thématiques
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